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4 Quick And Effective Tips To Keep In Mind While Painting And Drawing

Drawing is an art in itself even though it does not employ colours. You can keep these tips in mind when you put pencil to paper and churn out a masterpiece

Everyone can draw. Don’t believe this? If you have ever even so much as doodled on paper sitting on the last bench of class, or sketched your cat at home, or had shapes of many kinds fill-in pages, you can draw! A fact believed in firmly at the kids art school in Sydney

When it comes to this art, some say it is more difficult than painting since in painting one is simply filling in colour but in drawing, one is actually making the design within the boundaries of which colour will be filled. 

Here are some effective tips for those who draw and those who would like to. These tips will help you gain an insight into the intricacies of the art and understand how to better it. 

Observe the subject carefully and in detail 

Copy drawing is when you have your subject in front of you and you get set and start replicating it on paper. Artists sometimes observe their subjects in much detail and study it from an artistic point of view, which goes to say the shapes, the angles, the dimensions, the proportion etc. This adds finesse to the drawing and makes it almost believable. 

Look for the light

This is the trickiest aspect when it comes to drawing, as light isn’t something definite but plays a major role in making the drawing appear almost as if it were living and real. Always, observe the direction of the light on your object. Check the direction of the shadow. Once you have done this, go about drawing it and accordingly shading it to represent the shadow. There are also many kinds of pencils for shading, for outlines etc. The right pencil will help you get the shape and nature of the drawing right. You can go ahead and buy painting material items online these days!

Light lines

A thumb rule while drawing is never to sketch or outline with dark solid lines as these are not only tough to erase but stay on paper and do not have a very good appearance. Always draw with light lines. If you are unsure of the light direction or the shadow, contour with many light lines so that it will help you determine this. For any pencils, or art crayons, or markers you may need, you can shop for art material online. 

Dimensions and proportions

As was mentioned at the beginning of this piece, while observing an object or subject, an artist makes a number of mental calculations in the mind that will help them understand how the object is sized. A common mistake that artists tend to make is to draw something as they see it in real life. This isn’t the wisest move as on paper, the dimensions would differ. 

What an artist could do to get things right is to use the grid method. A grid of a specific number of boxes drawn on the reference image and a grid of the same specific number of boxes on the drawing sheet. Then simply fill up each box with what the contents are in the reference image. 

Can I book my seat at the kids art school in Sydney?

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The school is also an NSW Creative Kids Provider and has discounts on art classes. This means that the admission fees for certain batches are significantly reduced! The Holiday art classes are a hit among children as the vacations are a good time for them to meet others their age and engage in art and drawing.

Buy painting material items for your art journey

The journey to being a great artist is as good as the tools you have. You can now buy the best industry-approved painting material that will only help you get better at the craft and push you to learn newer techniques and strategies. 

We have curated a range of these art kits that you can browse through and choose from and it does not end there. While you are choosing from the list of amazing art tools, why don’t you take a look at the batches that are waiting for fo you? 
Dive into the world of art and let it be the best journey you ever made.

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