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7 Secret Art Techniques No One Possible Told You That Will Help You Paint A Fantastic Picture!

At the art classes in Sydney, everyone is a little Picasso!

There are artists and then there are artists who change the world.

Have you ever wondered what sets apart the two? 

A fine line of knowing how to separate hard work from smart work. You’ll learn this at the kids art classes in Sydney, don’t you worry. 

In this article, you will learn secret art techniques that when used, can add the ‘wow’ factor to your art. 

Measuring and distance

Art does have a bit of technicality to it. But it does not have to be terrifying! 

Every work of art and every painting in this Universe is a result of some calculations that the painter has done. For novices, these may be as simple as measuring an arms length. For maestros, these may be slightly more complex. 

Here is what you need to do: 

  • Extend your arm straight with the pencil in your hand towards the subject that you are about to paint
  • There should not be any bend in your hand
  • The tip of the pencil should be in line with the highest point on the subject 
  • Your thumb should be on the lowest
  • The distance between your tip of the pencil and the thumb marks the size of the object that you need to paint 
  • This technique ensures that you do not paint an object too big or small

Make a grid and never go wrong at the trial art classes in Sydney!

In order to encapsulate every detail of the subject in your painting, take a photograph of it and draw a 10 x 8 grid over the surface. 

This makes it easier to not miss out on details and finesses while you copy this onto your canvas. Every square on the grid corresponds to a square on your drawing paper or canvas. 

The facial features should be done well 

At the kids art classes in Sydney, you will learn how to make realistic drawings. These involve knowing the facial proportions and going by them. 

You do not need to be a Picasso to draw realistic figures. All you need is a simple knowledge of the distance between the various parts of the face. 

Voila! You have a painting that looks real. 

Colour blending for the LITTLE WONDERS

While facial proportions and distance measurements are for the slightly advanced painter, for the tiny tots there is nothing like a palette of colours that excites them. 

Blending colours begins from a very early age and knowing which blends go together will help the painting come off well. 

A lovely painting is one where: 

  • The dark shades are prominent
  • The bright shades are well spaced 
  • There is minimum negative space in the painting 
  • Contrasting shades like red and blue are not placed directly beside each other 

Shading ideas for the LITTLE WONDERS 

There is beauty in being able to blend colours into each other and shading is a technique that works best. 

Here are some tips for you if you love the shading and are doing it wrong: 

  • The pencil should be held at a slant so that there is a maximum area of the tip in contact with the paper
  • Use a blender to merge colours into one another. A piece of tissue works well too
  • When shading and trying to blend two contrasting colours, shade from light to dark in opposite directions for the colours
  • Do not try erasing. Blot instead

Where should you buy paint materials items from? 

Charming Colours Art School is an art class in Sydney that provides children with an extra dose of fun in the form of painting and art. 

We also have a shopping cart where you can purchase some uber-cool paint material items. These have been selected by our expert mentors. 

The trial art classes in Sydney is an opportunity for you to engage with the art classes before you venture into taking admission. Are you ready to try this? 

As an NSW Creative Kids Provider Charming Colours Art School has some fantastic discounts that you can avail of if you are redeeming the Creative Kids Voucher! 

There is fun to be had at the art school. Book your slot now!

The various kinds of painting techniques will be taught to you. Depending on the course you enrol in you will be taught more advanced techniques. 

Painting can be an amazing experience through which you can have the time of your life! 

This is your call, friends! The canvasses are ready and waiting for you.

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