Art Material for Budding Picassos

Kids are creative, art makes their imagination flow!

So, what all does your child needs to begin their artistic journey?

Kids are imaginative and there’s nothing better than art to let them explore their imaginations. Another thing, kids are really good with communication, they know what they want and are quick to express it. Drawing and painting can enhance their communication skills even more. This is especially helpful if your child has delayed growth.

A basic art kit that lets them switch between pencil drawing, crayon colouring, water colouring and pencil colouring is perfect for starters! 

Confused about what to get for your budding Picasso? Worry no more! This blog explores elements of a kit for beginner to intermediate level artists. 

7 Things You Need in Their Art Kit

  1. Pencil, an eraser & child-safe pencil sharpeners: There’s nothing better than drawing with a pencil. It allows kids to draw without having to worry about ruining their drawing. In case they end up making a mistake, it can easily be undone using an eraser. With a pencil sharpener, always make sure they are child-safe. Never let children below 7 years of age use pencils and erasers on their own (especially when using sharp pencils) as many times they find erasers tempting & may even end up eating them
  2. Watercolours: Watercolours are fascinating. Letting your child paint using watercolours enhances their control with paintbrush strokes. Moreover, watercolours can be mixed together to form new colours, this helps your child identify more colours of the spectrum
  3. Paintbrushes of different sizes: Paintbrushes forms the perfect duo with watercolours. Consisting of a brushy end and usually wooden or plastic handles, paintbrushes are incredibly helpful in enhancing motor skills just by painting with them! If you are looking to add this element to the kit, consider buying high-quality brushes. Additionally, you can add a wide range of brush sizes into the kit that can be used to make different strokes
  4. Canvas/drawing book: While many kids have a great time painting on the wall, it is any day a hassle not many parents want to avoid. Getting your child a canvas board or a painting book encourages them to draw in them
  5. A colour mixing palette: If you are considering getting paint tubes for the kit, it is a good idea to invest in a colour palette as well. This offers a dedicated base for them to keep their paint, mix them and use it
  6. A wiping cloth: Paintbrushes need special care. While it is crucial to clean them after painting under running water, drying them is an essential part as well. Use a cotton cloth and gently dab the paintbrushes until semi-dry. Let it dry in the open & once dry, gently place them in their respective containers 
  7. A kit box: A dedicated box to keep supplies organised will build a habit of keeping things back at their places. And it makes it easy to find your supplies on time!

Note: Above listed items are not staples. You can always switch watercolours with crayons, oil pastel colours or even pencil colours. Whatever supplies your child (or you!) enjoy working with, add those to your kit! 

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This lockdown, explore the artist within!

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