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Boredom Needs A Creative Escape! Try These 4 Super Easy Art Techniques That Will Leave You Thrilled

At the art classes in Sydney, creative gets a whole new meaning as you navigate through the world of art

There are abundant art techniques and styles for those who wish to get their creative juices flowing and put their time to great use. The wonderful part about trying new stuff in art is that it just never ends. There’s always another masterpiece to work on. Whether you should decide to take a holiday art classes in Sydney or even if you wish to try these out in your free time, they work!

Here are 4 ideas that you can get to work on while you are bored. Watch how the empty spaces of time are filled with fun, learning and a sense of self.

Painting with cocoa! 

What you need to do for this technique is simply have some paper, pencils, glue and cocoa powder ready. 

  • Draw on paper the desired item 
  • Do not draw something that is too intricate. Remember, the cocoa powder may not be able to fill in the tiny spaces
  • Once the drawing is complete, apply glue on the parts where you wish the cocoa to stick 
  • Then simply dust the cocoa on the paper and voila! You have your cocoa design! 

Stained glass painting is wonderful! 

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who believe that stained glass painting is the best technique of painting there ever was and those who haven’t tried painting on stained glass. 

Which one are you? 

Let’s experiment. 

  • Take an acrylic fibreglass piece that is the size of a notebook 
  • Take some glass paints 
  • You will also have glue that you get with the kit. This will help you make borders of the design that you want on the glass
  • Once done, you can paint in the spaces with the glass paints and then have your painting on the showcase! 
  • If you are feeling adventurous, try painting lampshades, or making your own DIY bookshelf with a stained glass painting!

Paper towel butterflies! 

Of course, there will be some paper towels being used in the process. The resulting effect is too pretty for words. 

  • Place drops of different brightly coloured food colours on the paper towel with sufficient spaces between the drops. The reason to leave sufficient gaps is that capillary action works and the drop of colour spreads in the space around
  • Take straws and with glue, stick a pair of these together 
  • Place them in the centre of the paper towel and with wiring secure their centre to the towel
  • You have your butterfly!

The watercolour rainbow

An art hack that looks wonderful and at the same time is so simple to sit in on a rainy day and do!

  • The first prep you need to have ready for this activity is black glue
  • This is made by taking glue into a palette and then pouring black paint into it
  • Once you have the black glue ready, dip a brush into it and paint the arcs of the rainbow 
  • Once dried, paint within the arcs with watercolours
  • Wait for the paints to be semi-dry before you sprinkle salt in the arcs

What you have is a rainbow that has texture and looks, unlike one that is simply painted.

Tons to learn at the kids art school in Sydney 

Making art fun and helping kids discover their inner talent, is the Charming Colours Art School – a children’s drawing art classes in Sydney. Art is not a subject that only the talented can explore. In fact, there is an artist within every child. The great part about engaging in drawing and art is that there are no right or wrong here. 

It is all about perception and if you are able to envision something and translate it onto paper, congrats! You’re an artist!

There is tons of stuff for kids to do here, after-school classes, learning among other children their age, experimenting with colours, holiday art workshops in Sydney.

That’s the beauty. The fun never ends at the Charming Colours Art School. With the lockdown being imposed, we understand how kids may be bored within the home with nothing to do. So we thought if you can’t come to us, why not we come to you! 

Art kits delivered on order right to your home!

The school is also an NSW Creative Kids Provider and there are exciting discounts to avail. 

Why don’t you check it out for yourself and you can even shop for art material online

Have you planned on how you wish to channel your creativity into making a ton of DIY stuff for your room? Or better still, trinkets for your friends? 
Well, everything and more can be learnt at the art classes in Sydney! Book your seat today.

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