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Children’s art classes Sydney

Check out these 4 techniques that are so beautiful you will not be able to resist trying them out in your home!

Paint has the power to change the world and can be the very thing you need to brighten up your day and life. Art isn’t just limited to what you do on paper. The world is your canvas and you can get as creative as you wish to with all you can do!

These are 4 techniques that are simple and yet so very beautiful that they will just amp up your home with the colour pop they offer. 

The colour explosion 

On a blank sheet in the home, start painting abstracts with watercolours. Let the mix blend and sometimes don’t dip your brush in the paint. Instead, let there be shades. Once done, mix black paint with water until it is runny but yet firm in consistency. Place a drop of this randomly on the paper and blow through the straw until spider webs are formed. Repeat this at other areas of the sheet until you have a pretty decor item to show off!

The frame and the picture

Take a large frame that is now old and ready to be discarded. Cover the painting in painter’s tape in repeating patterns, leaving some spaces. Spray over the entire canvas in the shades of colours you like. Now remove the tape that you had put. Voila! Be surprised.

The glue reaction 

Have you ever tried applying salt and Elmer’s glue on a base while the paint is still drying? Prepare to be surprised! This can be done for any painting and the result is amazing decor!

Shaving cream can be aesthetic too!

Take a dollop of shaving cream and put food colours into it. Swirl it around with a toothpick and then place your paper on the mixture. Remove the excess and let the paper dry. You have your masterpiece!

Where can you learn these super cool techniques and more? 

The Charming Colours Art School is a childrens’ art classes in Sydney that brings together fun and creativity in an amazing blend. There are batches that will help you get your step into the colour world and you will meet others who share the same passion as you. 

The journey of creativity is all about learning and hence mistakes are welcome at the school. You are one mistake away from your masterpiece. Have you got what it takes to be the artist you have always dreamt of becoming? Find out here – a place where learning knows no bounds. 

The DIY techniques are something you can experiment with even at home later on and have the time of your life. The wonderful part about drawing is that you are never alone. You will have a companion for life and what could be better? 

Have you registered? Do it now and be part of the creative explosion!

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