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Did You Know These Fascinating Facts About Painting And Art?

Hone your art skills at the drawing classes in Sydney and let the painter within you emerge

The world of art and drawing is a special one to be in and there is nothing more exciting than being an artist yourself. 

At the Charming Colours Art School – an art classes in Sydney, you will discover the latest techniques in art and painting and be surprised by just how different and creative each one is from the other. 

At the kids art classes in Sydney, you will be trained by mentors who themselves have come a long way in the journey of art. 

Before we go on with that, there are some interesting art facts that are too good to miss out on. 

Art once used to be an Olympic event

The art classes in Sydney train you to be an artist and if this were in the 18th century you could well be training for the Olympics. Art was considered a prestigious profession to be part of and medals were given away for sports-inspired art masterpieces, literature, drawing, etc.

In fact, if you check out some of the winners of the Olympic medals you will see that these paintings were inspired by sporting events. A great combination!

Have you heard about the colour wheel?

At the drawing classes in Sydney, an important training that is given is the combination of colours and shades and how each colour compliments the other. 

The colour wheel was invented by Isaac Newton to show the properties of light, but today it serves as a vital tool for artists to understand which colours go together and which do not. 

Learning art helps in math! 

Now this one may make you happy to know that your maths skills can be perfected by improving your artsy side at the kids art classes in Sydney. The brain has areas that are dedicated to various tasks and these areas though separate are interconnected. Thus, when one area is worked on, it can have effects on the neighbouring areas and cause them to be active too. 

The children’s art classes in Sydney treat art as a way of life and focus on enhancing the benefits to boost brainpower. By blending art with skill, you will begin to see how it is not just a hobby but rather a medium of expression. 

Children’s art classes in Sydney are the creativity boost you need

Charming Colours Art School is an NSW Creative Kids Provider and this is a great benefit for all those who have Creative Kids Vouchers. 

You can now use your vouchers to get some great discounts on classes and courses. There are batches at the art school and you can check out the one that suits you and enrol. 

The amazing part about attending art classes in Sydney is that you will interact with others your age and learn from them. When it comes to art, everything has something new that they bring to the table and this is what makes us better. 

If you are unsure about venturing into the courses directly and need a tester, you can check out the trial art classes in Sydney that will give you an insight into how the classes take shape. 

The kids art classes in Sydney are your gateway into exploring the world of creativity and taking your first steps into this area

There are holiday batches too for those who wish to spend the holidays being creative and artsy. Spend time with those your age from whom you can learn techniques and tools to help you in your creative journey.

The pandemic has shut children in their homes and they are now waiting to go out and meet their friends and get back to their normal routines. While this may not be possible for some time, the art classes can be the break your child needs to bring the fun back into life and get a little of their life back to normal. 
Enrol now. Seats filling up soon.

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