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Here Are Some Top 6 Painting Styles. With Holiday Art Classes In Sydney, You Can Work Wonders With A Brush!

For the novices, there are painting classes for beginners too!

The kids do not know what to do with all the free time in the vacations?

Well, here is a thought! Why don’t they come over and learn a new hobby instead?

Charming Colours Art School, an NSW Government approved Creative Kids Provider has some fun coming up, with their childrens drawing art classes in Sydney!

Let’s get started with the most creative painting techniques that are sure to get your child’s creative side light up!

Bubble wrap painting with these drawing classes in Sydney!

Yes! You heard us right. Do you love bursting the bubble wrap?

Who doesn’t?

Well, the bubble wrap before being burst would be an ideal tool to paint and get some lovely vibrant colourful designs. Holiday art classes in Sydney make simple techniques more creative! 

All you have got to do is dip the bubble wrap in a palette of paint. Then take it and keep dabbing it on the areas of the drawing paper where you would like the pattern. 

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

You will be learning this and much more at these drawing classes for beginners. 

Splatter paint ideas will be part of your Intermediate art lessons in Sydney

Another simple but effective technique! Here is what you do:

  • Paint a canvas with a solid colour monotone.
  • In a palette pour different vibrant and contrasting colours. 
  • Dip a brush into each colour individually and splatter the paint on the canvas. 
  • What you will get is a resulting masterpiece! 

Beginners can also try this beautiful technique during their painting classes and watch just how creative you can get!

Master the blending effect with these childrens drawing art classes in Sydney

The blending effect can be done by amateurs too! Yes, really.

Draw a pattern or scenery with watercolours on your drawing paper. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, wet the paper with water. 

While the paper is still wet, add colourful blobs with the watercolours and you will be stunned with the result! 

If you cannot still manage to get the design or technique just right, do not worry. The Intermediate Art Classes in Sydney will do the needful!

Drawing on water!

Whoever knew it is possible to draw on water! 

As these Advance Art Lessons in Sydney will tell you, it is. 

Here is how it goes:

  • Take a container that is approximately as big as the sheet of paper that you want your painting on.
  • Fill the container with water.
  • Use oil paints to make patterns on the water or painting exactly what you wish to have on the paper.
  • Lay the sheet of paper on the surface of the water.
  • Magic! You will see how your painting has now been translated onto the paper. 

Advance Art Lessons in Sydney’s Charming Colours Art School will awaken your inner Picasso!

Learn crosshatching with brushes at these holiday art classes in Sydney!

Create a web of hues using this pattern of cross hatching with paint brushes. 

All you need are brushes and paints and you are good to go. 

To begin with, dip the brush into paint of one colour and go about making patterns on the paper or canvas. Repeat this using different brushes with different colours. 

The line spacing can be as per your choice and the resulting image will be just amazing!

Even the painting classes for beginners can be a great space to learn this very simple and fun technique. 

At the drawing classes in Sydney you will learn the dry brush painting technique

The dry brush painting technique is the favourite of the kids here at this Children’s Drawing Art Classes Sydney.

All it involves is paint brushes, acrylic colours and a canvas. You can purchase your material from the website itself, or bring along your own to the drawing classes in Sydney’s Charming Colours Art School.

Here is what you need to do in this technique:

  • Dip a dry brush into the acrylic paints.
  • Run this brush over a canvas
  • Make the desired patterns you wish to.
  • The resulting effect will be painted areas with the underlying canvas peeking through the gaps. 
  • Though it seems a very easy technique, there is skill involved in the brush strokes and you may have a chance to test this painting style only during Intermediate Art Lessons in Sydney.

Are you satisfied with these painting techniques? 

The thirst and curiosity to learn more and explore the creative side of you should never cease. And thus Charming Colours Art school an NSW Governemnt approved Creative Kids Provider, we encourage children to nurture this curiosity and let it spill over into their art. 

You can safely entrust your ward into our care and we will make sure the holidays are more enjoyment than they have ever had. 

Here at Charming Colours Art School, the drawing classes are crafted in such a way that your child will begin to blend creativity with talent and keep trying until they create their own masterpiece. 

Book your session today! Batches filling up soon. 

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