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Make The Holidays Interesting With These Drawing Ideas For Kids And They’ll Never Be Bored

Learn some amazing techniques at the drawing classes in Sydney

The vacations can be a great time to unwind with friends and family. Barbeques. Late nights sitting around bonfires. Vacations across the globe. Having friends over. And for the kids, unlimited playtime! 

This year though due to the Coronavirus pandemic, things have come to a halt and while socialising may not be possible in the ways we imagined, there is still much to be done for enjoyment. 

The vacations can be made interesting with some fun artsy ideas! Here are some creative activities kids can do during their holiday time and you’ll be bound to love these. 

Zentangle hearts for the colour splash!

This is a fun artsy idea that does not require much effort and at the same time makes for a refreshing activity. 

Here is how you do it: 

  • Draw heart shapes of different sizes on an A-4 paper
  • Doodle within these heart shapes with a black marker or black pen
  • In the background space on the paper splash watercolours – yellow, pink, blue,  green
  • You have your Zentangle hearts! 

At the Charming Colours Art School – the kids art school in Sydney, you will learn the fun art of drawing and colour splashing. 

The optical illusion drawing 

A technique that is as exciting as it gets! 

Optical illusions have often fascinated people due to the simplicity and awe that they manage to evoke. 

Here is how you do it:

  • In the centre of the paper put a dot
  • From the dot, draw lines towards the outwards to form a circle
  • The finer the lines, the better 
  • Draw curved lines between each line to form a spider web appearance
  • In a checkerboard pattern fill in colours
  • Every alternate box should be filled in with the same colour and every alternate part left blank

The children’s drawing art classes in Sydney are a space where you can experiment and come up with masterpieces of your own. 

Rainbow scratch art!

A wonderful drawing technique that looks the most beautiful! For this technique, you will not need much, only some focus and great hand-eye coordination. 

Here is how you do it:

  • Colour different shades with crayons on a paper
  • Paint the entire paper with black paint
  • With pencil draw shapes over the black paint of the design, you finally wish to see
  • Scratch out the portion of paint within these shapes
  • What you will see as the result is a black background with coloured portions in the shape of a design

The trial art classes in Sydney will give you a chance to get a hands-on experience of what you can expect in the main sessions. These are a trailer of the excitement you can expect once you become a part of the batches!

Why are the holidays a good time for art classes?

The Charming Colours Art School is an NSW Creative Kids Provider that has a bunch of courses for you, no matter what age group you belong to. The vacations are a great time for your little one to spend engaging in these creative programs as for one, it will not leave them getting bored. During holidays, it is essential to give the part of the brain that is involved in learning and studying, a break. The creative side can thus be put into motion. 

In addition to this, your child will be drawing, painting, colouring, and meeting others like him and learning new things every single day. 

Time flies soon when we’re being creative and the holidays will be one of the most memorable ones that your child has.

If you are wondering about where you can buy painting materials online from, we know a place!

Check out the website and while you’re selecting a carefully curated list of materials, why don’t you also book your slot for the art course? 

Who will be teaching art to the kids?

At the kids art classes in Sydney, painting and drawing expert Mamta teaches the kids how to have fun with colours and create beautiful masterpieces. This mentor has had a colourful journey herself and lends her knowledge and practical experience in a fun insightful way. 

Lastly, art is something beautiful that the mind can only comprehend by engaging in. Whatever age bracket you belong to, the previous year has had its stresses and a way to unwind mentally is to let your mind be exposed to refreshing colourful pictures and art. 

Take a break and give your child one too. 

The paints are ready. The table is set. The paper is plain. Where are you? 
Book your seat now.

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