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So Go On And Paint And Experiment With Your Canvas Of Colour


If you’ve ever been befuddled by the number of painting techniques and paint types while buying paint material items that are dominating the artist market, you are not the only one. 

It can be a real confusing experience to decipher which technique would work best and on what kind of a canvas. 

Get the information from the experts who are maestros in their art and have been helping young minds for years now. Be mindful of the fact that finally, it comes down to you. What is it that you are comfortable with and which style do you identify with? 

Are you confused? The kids art classes in Sydney will guide you through the process. 

Fresco paint for the thorough professionals 

In times of the Renaissance, this form of painting was predominant and continues to be so today. The application technique involves water-based paint being applied onto the plaster. The downside is that mistakes are almost impossible to correct and thus this is a technique that should be tried only by maestros or those who are confident about their work. 

Water-soluble oil paint is common at the children’s drawing art classes in Sydney 

Eliminating the need for turpentine, these water-soluble oil paints are a wonderful form of art. These can be used by everyone and they are a pure pleasure to work with. 

The brushes can be cleaned simply with a soapy solution and mistakes can be corrected easily too. 

Watercolours are amazing! 

The art classes in Sydney train young minds to develop skills that will not only enable them to paint in the here and now but in later life be familiar to use any kind of paints. Once equipped with a  strong foundation, it is only a matter of adapting to different kinds of paint. 

Why are watercolours such a favourite among students and young artists?

The technique involves the use of watercolour paper. As watercolours are runny and thin, they make for beautiful designs and come in great use during shading. 

However, due to their runny nature, the base paper or canvas used needs to be paid special attention to as it should not be one that loses its shape on contact with the paint solution. 

Absorbent papers that do not melt into a shapeless blob when touched with watercolours are the best option. 

While you are buying your paint material items from the Charming Colours Art School site, you will notice that the material for each program has been decided with great precision and research. Happy shopping! 

How could we forget oil paints?

Creating creamy rich textures that lend their silky smooth nature to masterpieces, oil paints have their special place in history and continue to be a very popular form of art today. 

The beauty of these luxurious paints is that when desired the consistency can be altered by the addition of oil. 

Should you be wanting to go in for a thick velvety sheath or a fluid silky flow, you can have it. 

We saved the favourite for the last! – Acrylic paints

Probably the quickest to dry once applied on canvas, the most versatile in terms of the base they can be applied on and the easiest to work with – there is a reason acrylic paints are so popular. 

Try your hand at these at the trial art classes at Sydney’s Charming Colours Art School and get a reality check if these are working for you. 

Come explore and discover

Charming Colours Art School is an NSW Creative Kids Provider in Sydney that helps children have a getaway from the usual routine they have and refresh their minds. 

It is a creative escapade and the ride is worth it! 

Due to its status as an NSW Creative Kids Provider, you can redeem the Creative Kids Vouchers and avail of super exciting discounts on classes and maybe even get a course that is free!

Confused about whether you wish to be a part of the fun-tastic art sessions? 

No problem! The art school has an option for walk-in trial art classes in Sydney. Parents can come along with their tots and get a first-hand experience of what it is like to be painting alongside others in the same age group and create a masterpiece from scratch. 

How are you planning on spending the vacations? 

We’ll tell you a unique way. Holiday art classes in Sydney! 
Learning and fun come together in a unique combination and you’ll have the time of your life while exploring a passion! Book your slots now!

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