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5 DIY Painting Crafts That You Can Do This Weekend Using The Skills You Learnt At The Kids Art School In Sydney

Art classes in Sydney that you can enjoy!

You’ve been an artist since when you were young. Believe it or not, you were one. 

Your imagination ran wild, you saw the world in colours that hadn’t even gotten a name yet, and you weren’t afraid to colour outside the lines. 

What changed? 

Nothing, apart from the fact that growing up makes you think you need to be perfect. The good news is that at the Charming Colours Art School, we have begun children’s drawing art classes in Syndey. Avenues for children to exercise their playful, creative and talented young selves. 

Here, children will be exposed to numerous techniques, crafts and courses and can then go on to try some exciting projects of their own. 

Usually, kids have their art classes during the week and can whip up some fun paint stuff on the weekends. We have put together a list of these. 

Photo frames 

At the Kids Art School in Syndey, you will learn about blending paints and using them on canvas. Why not make a DIY photo frame? 

All you need to do is take a drawing paper and paint strokes with a wet brush dipped in paint on the paper. Use bright colours. Tape pieces of newspaper rolls together to create a border of the frame. In black paint, write something motivational on the paper. 

Voila! A real classy DIY right? 

An abstract painting really works

There is beauty to be found in abstract paintings. While there’s only a fraction of the painting on the canvas, the majority is left to your mind to interpret. 

Paint some abstract patterns on a canvas and hang them up in your living room. Play something fun where everyone has to come up with their version of what the painting wishes to convey. 

At the children’s drawing art classes in Sydney, kids are encouraged to paint abstract. It gets children thinking and pondering and is actually a great way for them to let out pent up emotions. 

Painting a patch of the walls with a water gun!

You have painted canvasses with a water gun at the trial art classes in Sydney, now why not paint walls? We understand that as a parent you feel this is a risky business and the walls are off bounds. However, you can manage this. Why don’t you join in? 

Painting the walls with a water gun is not difficult in the least. All you’d need are some wall paints, a water gun and wear some old clothes! 

3-D deisgns on the walls? 

This is an amazing idea for a kids nursery. Shapes, drawings and patterns can really bring it alive! 

The Charming Colours Art School is a Creative Kids Provider. Here children learn all sorts of techniques of painting and drawing. The learning shouldn’t stop here. 

Kids love experimenting, and they shouldn’t be stopped. At the art classes in Syndey, they are encouraged to keep channelling their energies into creativity. 

Now for the part about drawing 3D designs on the walls. 

Mix a dollop of shaving cream with food colours, glue and paints. Put the mixture into a bag that can be squeezed. That’s it! Go on to draw some rainbows, scenery etc. We promise it looks really pretty. 

DIY pots are a great accessory to have around the home

What better than plants to have around the home? 

Where there are plants, there are also pots. You can now decorate these pots by yourself by painting them in pretty patterns and shapes. 

Don’t settle for the usual. Instead, experiment. That is what we teach kids at the trial art classes in Sydney

Try mandala designs on them. These look elegant, ethnic, classy and will even make for fuller designs. 

Apart from painting what will you learn at the children’s drawing art classes in Sydney? 

The beauty of the arts is that learning never ceases. 

Here’s what there is to be gained from the art classes in Sydney: 

  • Perfecting your skills
  • Building an emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Mkaing friends 
  • The art of making mistakes 
  • The art of improvising 
  • Knowing the effect of different colours on the mind 
  • Being artsy without being impulsive 
  • Decision-making 
  • Working on a project from beginning to end

We are an NSW Creative Kids Provider and you can redeem your Creative Kids Vouchers in order to get some super exciting discounts. 

There’s much to be learned at the kids’ art school in Sydney and you will not be disappointed. You will understand the true meaning of art and what it stands for.
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