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These Super Cool Art Styles Will Channel The Inner Artist In You To Paint A Masterpiece!

With drawing classes in Sydney that push you to be better, learning becomes fun

Sometimes inspiration is hard to find. You look around, you try, but there’s the creative block that does not budge. Well, that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting and coming up with something of your own. Kids art classes in Sydney are designed to do just that. 

What would be the result if you dared to try something different? It would surprise even you! Here’s a list of art techniques and styles that you can try when you face the mighty loss of inspiration. 

The Pointillism picture technique is amazing! 

The wonderful part of this technique is that it requires the bare minimum what you can find around theDraw the outline of the image that you wish to have 

  • Start by dot home. Newspapers, glue, watercolours, old magazines, scissors, etc. 
  • ting the space within the outline with the colours that match 
  • What you will see as the final result is a landscape of dotted colours that form the image you wished to

Instead of painting an image, the technique used here is dotting it in those colours as when tiny dots of colours are spaced close together, they blur to form a painting. 

Shades of colour art

You will need an egg carton for this and paints and of course drawing paper. 

  • In an egg carton place few drops of the same colour of paint into seven sections
  • In three sections, mix in one, two, three drops of white paint. In the other three sections mix in one, two, three drops of black paint
  • Leave the seventh section as it is
  • Go ahead and paint! The resulting painting will have different shades!

Splatter painting technique 

Have an old t-shirt ready for this painting technique as it’s about to get messy! 

  • Take an old t-shirt and place it on a newspaper 
  • On a drawing paper place an item such as a flower or a leaf 
  • Dip a toothbrush into a palette of paint 
  • With your fingers, agitate the bristles so as to transfer the colour from the toothbrush onto the flower that is on the paper
  • The flower now has colours on it
  • Place it on the t-shirt 
  • Repeat until you have yourself a floral painted t-shirt!

The picture art!

The simplest technique when you have a creative block. Start by drawing with a pencil on the paper. You can have anything in mind. Any muse, any object, any person, just about anything. One rule: do not lift the pencil off the paper. 

You’ll be surprised by how the picture turns out. 

Explore the unknown at the children’s art classes in Sydney 

Do you know what’s the best part about art classes? They never get boring or monotonous or dull. Because there is always something new to be learnt. 

Art engages. It pushes one out of their comfort zone. It gets you exploring new horizons. It helps you share your learnings with others. It fuels your imagination. It makes you wonder. It guides you to think better. Most of all, art calms you. 

The Charming Colours Art School is an NSW Creative Kids Provider. While availing of discounts on courses you can rest assured that fun is awaiting you here. 

Age is no bar at the art school and there are even holiday art workshops in Sydney brought to you by the school to make the holidays exciting. 

If you have not booked your slot yet at the art classes, do so quickly as limited seats are available. Once you do, buy painting materials items and never experience another dull day. 

What is it about art that makes it so much fun? 

The world of art knows no boundaries. The more you experiment, the more you learn and the better you get. Art is a great hobby to have as it not only engages the creative regions of the brain but lights up other pathways too and you find yourself developing emotional maturity, understanding of self and problem-solving skills. 

You do not have to be an artist to create art. You already are an artist if you dare to draw.

So here’s saying goodbye to boring days, dull moments, isolation and hello to talent, colours, fun and joy! Many of those who started their journey in art with a painting lesson went on to be graphic designers and architects. 

How exciting right? To be able to do what you love for a living. 

Your journey begins here. Will we be seeing you at the Charming Colours Art School? 
Book your seats now.

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