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Charming Colours Art School and why we think painting is more than a hobby

Mamta is a Sydney-based multi-talented artist with expertise in acrylic, water and oil-based painting. Along with this, she specialises in sketching and pottery painting and holds a PG Diploma in Fine Arts. After working in the IT industry for over a decade, she was inclined to follow her artistic journey and started Charming Colours Art School – a kid’s art school in Sydney. This venture was started with the aim of helping to groom and foster kids and adults alike. Today, Mamta mentors children of all ages at the children’s drawing art classes in Sydney so that they can paint and draw and bring out the artist within.

At the popular art classes in Sydney’s busy town, Mamta ensures that everyone can explore their artistic skills and express themselves in a creative manner with support and guidance. We are an NSW government-approved Creative Kids Provider and we accept the Creative Kids Voucher worth $100 (makes 4-hours of FREE art classes in Sydney).

Mamta discovers and encourages the artistic potential of her students tirelessly. Such encouragement and support fuels her student’s love for art and motivates them to channel their inner creativity. While painting is a talent, we at the drawing classes in Sydney are committed to bringing out the talent in your child. Art is a form of expression and we provide a place for your child to explore and express!

Fabulous drawing classes in Sydney for children who love to blend fun with learning.


Charming Colours Art School

Why Charming Colours Art School?

Paint your own canvas at the kids art classes in the Sydney neighbourhood!
  • We are NSW Creative Kids Provider and accept the $100 Creative Voucher which makes 4-hours of classes absolutely FREE!
  • Flexible timings. Create your best at the hour that suits you!
  • We, at the children’s art classes in Sydney, sell high-quality art products of reputed brands! So you are never running out of supplies
  • Expert, understanding and patient staff who play while they teach
  • Easy to follow course instructions at the children’s art classes in Sydney
  • Children can paint at their own pace. No hurries at all
  • Heaps of fun, guaranteed!
  • Child safe environment
  • We offer programs for each age group! So everyone belongs at the kids art classes in Sydney!
  • Creative freedom
  • As an NSW government-approved art provider, we accept the $100 art voucher, absolutely hassle-free.
Charming Colours Art School
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